Meet The London Dog Walking Company team

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Mick (The Boss)

"I gave up my 9-5 in 2009 to join Dawn dog walking, I love everything about my job and I am especially interested in dog psychology. It's great to spend my days (come rain or shine) on the Heath with our wonderful gang. Dog's are pretty simple things, all they want is food, warmth, love and exercise. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of providing that for them."


Dawn (The Boss' Boss)

"Hi I'm Dawn and over 10 years ago I set up our dog walking business. I am a great lover of dog's and Hampstead Heath and have lived local from the age of 8. I went to school local and also trained in grooming and opened our dog groomers, 'the mutt hut' in Gospel Oak. Being outdoors and being with dogs is my passion. My job is my dream come true, I can be in the most beautiful place with the most beautiful pooches. Our beautiful Lilah brings so much happiness and I understand just how much our customers love their dog's."

kane 12.jpg

Kane (Wants to be the Boss)

"I joined my Dad and Step Mum in July 2018 after spending many eventful years in the prison service. The sense of happiness and joy i felt from working with all the amazing dog's was immediate and I haven't looked back since. There really is nothing better than spending my day on the gorgeous Hampstead heath having fun with our furry friends."



"After 9 years supervising late nights at the Kentish Town Forum I decided to pursue my dream of walking dogs on Hampstead Heath. I started working for The London Dog Walking Company in 2019 and now spend my time walking dogs with my loyal companion, Larry, a four year old yorkiepoo. I honestly cant imagine my life any other way"


Lilah (The Real Boss)

"I was born in 2011 and found my forever home with my mum and dad, Dawn and Mick. It wasn't long before I had them trained and showing them all the best places on the Heath to find my favourite perfume 'Odour le Fox Poo'.